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As a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI), we bring to the table longstanding relationships with our core carrier network to be able to guarantee you space at a predictable price all year round.

Know your container needs

Many inexperienced companies in ocean freight assume they will need to reserve a full container for their shipment. While you can move your goods by full container load (FCL), freight forwarders can also help you with the shipment of less-than-container Loads (LCL).

The Pricing Isn’t That Complicated

Because of freight’s large variety of transportation – truck, rail, and boat, to name a few – you may think establishing the price will be complicated.
However, when it comes down to it, the price of LCL shipments is quite simply determined by how much space your goods are taking up in the container. In other words, your cost is calculated based on the volume of your shipment, measured in cubic feet.

Packing Your Goods Well Enough

Your goods will need more protection than shipping via road or rail to ship via ocean.
Ocean freight is subject to a significant amount of motion. Firstly, your shipment will need to be lifted on and off the ship by a crane put in a container. Additionally, during its transit on the vessel, it will be subject to the rocking motion that naturally occurs in the Pacific Ocean.

Schedules Are a Little Different

Ships have sailing dates, and forwarders have cut-off dates; these dates, more often than not, are not the same. For example, a ship may sail for Oahu every Wednesday and Saturday. In that case, the cut-off date to get on those shipments is likely Tuesday and Friday, respectively. Your forwarder needs to ensure enough time to get your shipment packed and delivered to port. Therefore, when asking about sail dates, we recommend asking about cut-off dates as well, so your cargo gets loaded on time.

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Full Container Load & Less Than One Container Load

Full container load (FCL)

FCL (full container load) is an ocean shipment in which the cargo takes up a full container (of any size). An FCL shipment can be loaded at the supplier and then taken to the CY (container yard) by truck. When it comes to unloading, that can either happen live at the destination, or the trucker can do a drop. Sometimes, your cargo can not fill the whole container, but Forwarder will charge you a whole container rate.
FCL is the standard form of large cargo shipment. The goods in the container are owned by one shipper, which comes with one Bill of Lading (BOL).

Less then one container load (LCL)

LCL (less than container load) is another ocean shipping method used if your cargo is insufficient to fill up an entire container. An LCL shipment will be conjoined with other LCL shipments to fill one container. Shippers often opt for LCL services as an economical alternative to air freight for smaller shipments with a more flexible time frame. Most products are charged based on volume, measured in cubic meters (CBMs). However, your cargo may be charged based on its weight if your LCL shipment is very heavy and dense.

ro/ro Roll-on, Roll-off

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry vehicles, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars driven on and off the ship on their wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter. RORO is the opposite of lift-on/lift-off (Lo Lo) vessels, which load and unload the cargo by crane.

Arrangements for roll-on/roll-off transport for earth moving equipment, cranes, platforms, and other civil engineering vehicles are all accommodated. Furthermore, we ensure the car’s and special techniques are in excellent condition before purchasing. We provide a vehicle collection service.


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